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At Craig Vending & Distributing, we are a vending machine supplier. Our business also specializes in distributing beverages of all sorts to re-stock your vending machines. We are always replenishing our repertoire with new beverages to ensure the best service for our customers. As of now, we stock in the following beverage products:



Snapple tea and juices are amongst the most preferred beverages, thanks to their delicious fruity flavors and refreshing taste. If these healthy drinks are a staple for your vending machines in Northeast Wyoming, then reach out to us for supplies of fresh batches when you run out.

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Essentia Water

Premium quality bottled water that has been clinically proven to offer excellent rehydration, Essentia water is one of the prime packaged drinking water choices for most Americans. Allow us to make sure that your vending units never run out of them.

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Core Water

With the perfect amount of minerals and electrolytes that restore the natural pH of your body, Core water is crispy to taste and ultra-purified. Reach out to us if you want to re-stock your vending machines with CORE Hydration, Nutrient Enhanced Water bottles.

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Require supplies of Snapple juices, CORE water, or Essentia Water for your vending machines? Contact us in Northeast Wyoming for your re-stocking needs.

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