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Requiring Candy, Chips, or even Paper Supplies? Come check us out. We stock a
Variety of products and will try to order what we don’t stock.

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Craig Vending & Distributing is a locally owned and operated family business, based out of Gillette, Wyoming. We rent out Gold Medal popcorn makers, snow cone machines, and cotton candy machines. We are also an authorized distributor of Snapple, Core Water, and Essentia Water. In addition to all of this, our professionals install, maintain, and service vending machines in locations that need them. We can accommodate special orders for your
business as well! 

Currently, we provide our services throughout all areas of Northeast Wyoming. Reach out to us, your local vending machine distributor, for all your candy, concession, and rental needs.

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Whether you need a snow cone machine, a popcorn maker, or a cotton candy machine,
our rental service can address your needs today!

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Member of Gillette Chamber of Commerce, and National Automated Merchandising Associatio

Member of Gillette Chamber of Commerce, and National Automated Merchandising Association

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38 Years of Extensive Experience

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Beverages of All Sorts

We are a vending machine distributor of products from Snapple, Essentia Water, Core Water, Arizona Teas, Vita Coco, numerous energy drinks, and more. We are always adding new beverages to our line-up.

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Professional Vending &

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Gillette, WY

Starting out with bubble gum machines in 1982, Steve invested tirelessly towards building this business from the ground up. As of now, we are commonly preferred by our customers due to our great customer service, flexibility, and significant expertise in the field.

Our vast experience, combined with remarkable excellence has earned memberships of the Gillette Chamber of Commerce (GCC) and the National Automated Merchandising Association (NAMA). The service range of our business covers the entire Northeast Wyoming.

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